Etheroll ÐICE tokens unlocked May 15 on EtherDelta Exchange. Learn More Here.

Hello World!

Following on from the success of our crowdfund (which raised 18,945 ether for the house bankroll) and the recent soft-launch of our Ethereum dice game, we are very pleased to announce that our ÐICE tokens become available for trading on EtherDelta exchange May 15th from 0900 UTC.

What is Etheroll? 
Our Ethereum dice game is provably-fair, has a low 1% house edge and no sign-ups or deposits. Each dice roll is provably random and crypto-graphically secure thanks to the nature of the Ethereum blockchain. Players can set their own odds using our unique web-based UI. *A world first for Ethereum!*

In the few weeks since our soft-launch, we have seen players wager up to 108 ether on one roll of the dice. Check out some of the other large wagers here (current live contract) and here (discontinued contract).

We are currently in the process of ramping up into full production. We recently raised our bankroll by 1000 ether, ~1/18th of our total bankroll. Bankroll increases will follow in a gradual order. You can read more on our development focuses in our 3-6 month development road-map here.

What is ÐICE?
We are inviting you to bet on the house. Our ÐICE token is an ERC-20 standards-compliant token, and a default token within MyEtherWallet and Parity.
ÐICE grants its holders special rights and privileges within the Etheroll platform; including the right to profit your proportional share of the house bankroll generates via our dice game with its built-in 1% house edge. For example, if you own 10% of all tokens, you have rights to 10% of the profit the bankroll generates, every 12 weeks.

Each ÐICE token grants its owner the following rights and has the following benefits:

  • Direct earnings – Proportional to the number of tokens they hold. Our valued token holders as a collective receive 100% of the profits their proportional share of the house generates every 12 weeks. House profits are generated via the 1% house-edge. Tokens holders are exposed to each roll of the dice with the advantage of the 1% house-edge always being in their favor.
  • A fixed total supply of 7,001,622.64 ÐICE, there will never be another mintage.

ÐICE Properties

  • Name: DICE
  • Decimals: 16
  • Address: 0x2e071D2966Aa7D8dECB1005885bA1977D6038A65

Learn more about ÐICE here.

Etheroll DICE Tokens Unlocked May 15 on EtherDelta Exchange 
ÐICE tokens are unlocked May 15th at 0900 UTC and will be available from this date forward on EtherDelta exchange. If you missed out on our crowdfund in February you can load up on ÐICE tokens from May 15th on the completely de-centralized EtherDelta exchange. You can learn more about the benefits of our DICE token by visiting today.

Trading ÐICE on EtherDelta
Instructions on how to trade on EtherDelta exchange are posted to their website. Using the top menu, select ‘Help’. From here, you can read the guides, or watch the screen-casts. For support, open the chat in the bottom right corner.

To interact with EtherDelta, you will need to use the Google Chrome Metamask extension. Metamask is available at You can not use Mist to trade on EtherDelta. To create a sell order of ÐICE on EtherDelta, you will first need to send ÐICE tokens to your Metamask wallet and then deposit ÐICE into EtherDelta. Follow the guides available on their website for further details on how to achieve this. You can find this information under the ‘Help’ menu.

To buy ÐICE tokens, you will need to first deposit ether into EtheDelta exchange and then create a buy order. Follow the guides available on their website for further details on how to achieve this. You can find this information under the ‘Help’ menu.

Development Roadmap + Security Audits

Recent Etheroll Numbers (~3 weeks soft-launch with zero publicity)

  • Total wagered since soft-launch (at time of writing): 9500+ ether
  • Total games (at time of writing): 4900 (+4000 in our week 1 soft-launch – discontinued smart-contract)
  • Largest wager: 108 ether

Some Interesting Crypto Gambling Numbers 
With a market cap of ~$29 billion USD, [1] it is estimated that 50-60% of all transactions relate to online gambling. [2] In the past year, BTC casino revenue was 3,173,833 BTC with a profit of 15,173.6 BTC. In the same period, 20.83 billion bets have been placed across Bitcoin casinos. [3]

More Information


Please be sure to read our risks document available here (PDF).

ÐICE tokens are available for trading May 15th from 0900 UTC on EtherDelta exchange. You can learn more about the benefits of the DICE token by visiting today.
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We have just increased the bankroll by 1000 ether

As promised this week we have just increased the bankroll by 1000 ether. A total of 1200 ether has now been supplied to the bankroll since our soft-launch.

At the time of writing, the max profit on any one roll is ~11.65… ether. Good luck to everyone!

DICE Tokens Available May 15th on EtherDelta Exchange

DICE tokens are unlocked May 15, 2017 at 0900 (UTC) and will be available from this date forward on EtherDelta exchange, so if you missed out on our crowdfund in February, you can still pick up some DICE tokens from May 15th. You can learn more about the benefits of holding our DICE token by visiting today.

3-6 Month Development Roadmap. Week 2 Soft-Launch Review.

What an amazing couple of weeks. In the 16 days since we (silently) soft-launched our game to a very limited audience, our game has successfully processed almost 7,000 games with a total of >4000 ether wagered. We have already seen players wager up to 75.98 Ether on one roll of the dice. Wow! Check out some of the other large wagers here (current live contract) and here (discontinued contract).

The purpose of the soft-launch was to normalize our smart-contract and website and ensure the various smart-contract design patterns are working perfectly. Good news Great news, they are.

Following our recent and successful soft-launch, the past couple of weeks impressive performance of our game now has us looking towards the future of the platform and what we can do to improve the overall experience for our players and valued DICE holders. The following outlines our development plans and focuses over the next 3-6 months. These are our big-ticket items, and is no way an exhaustive list of items on our to-do list.

The purpose of the following points are to optimize our platform to the point that we can confidently market the platform to e.g. traditional Bitcoin audiences, and beyond. Admittedly, we aren’t perfect (yet), and we still have a lot of work to do, there may even be growing pains, but we are aware of the pain points and we fully intend to iron out the creases over the coming months in order to develop our product until it is the absolute flagship of dice games on top of the Ethereum protocol. Some of the items on our priority list over the coming 3-6 months are;

  1. Reduced Bet Processing Times
    We have a few tricks up our development sleeve (which we can’t reveal just yet) that we are researching and intend to work on with our development partners in order to significantly speed up the processing times of our game results over the next 2-3 months. These development improvements should also provide an array of benefits which will occur as a side-effect, including; improved game stability, transparency and reduction in gas (transaction) costs. More details to come over the next 2-3 months as we continue to develop and test these upgrades.
  2. Reduced Transaction Costs
    The recent rise in the price of ETH, coupled with the fact that miners have not reduced transaction costs has meant that transaction fees across the Ethereum network have risen due to a rising cost of gas. The average miner is still charging 20 gwei/gas, this should come down to 10 gwei/gas in the near future. Some have already reduced their fees, but not the majority. In any case, we aim to reduce gas costs for our platform by working together with our development partners in order to provide the lowest possible gas prices to our customers, we will achieve this by further optimizing our contracts and improving upon the usage of our oracle. We can’t disclose all the details surrounding our proposed changes just yet (top secret), but rest assured this item is high on our priority list. More details to come over the next 2-3 months.
  3. Deployment of the DICE Rewards Contract
    In order for our valued DICE token holders to claim their rewards, our ‘Rewards’ contract will be subject to internal testing and 3rd party security audits before being deployed to main-net in anticipation of our first rewards distribution week which opens August 7th, 2017. A new section added to our website will display a countdown showing exactly when (and how) you can claim your DICE rewards. This section will be deployed a considerable time before August 7th. You can learn more about the benefits of holding the DICE token by visiting today.
  4. Improved Overall Look and Feel
    We will be experimenting with new designs internally through the hiring of a designer and we look to implement a new and improved site design post August 7th after the first DICE rewards period.
  5. Mobile Version Deployment
    We understand the importance of being able to play our game on mobile. This is a potentially huge market for Etheroll. We look to be added to and look to have our game available on various mobile Ethereum platforms about the same time we deploy our new design.
  6. Full Metamask Support
    The Metamask team are working on updates to their core product in order to fix an issue which meant that our players were not being notified of results on the front-end even though in the back-end our smart-contract processed everything perfectly. We have just been notified that they have resolved this issue and we will make an announcement once their update has been deployed by the Metamask team. We can’t wait for our players to be able to use Etheroll with Metamask and we are really excited to offer this improvement to our players (we are big fans of Metamask).
  7. DICE Listings
    We are really excited to have EtherDelta list our DICE token starting May 15th. EtherDelta are a decentralized exchange, that leverages smart-contracts for trading. No need to worry about your tokens or even the exchange itself disappearing. We love EtherDelta for their smart-contract based exchange, but we need your support now in asking your other favorite exchanges to add our DICE token. For example, do you want to see DICE on BITTREX? Now is the time to tell BITTREX (Twitter) why you want DICE listed. How about exchange? Contact your favorite exchange and let them know why you want to see them list DICE today!
  8. Bankroll Increases
    Thanks to the success of our crowdfund in February, our bankroll has a total of 18,945 Ether. Our soft-launch game has been loaded with only 200 Ether so far. Over the coming days/weeks/months we will be gradually increasing the bankroll, which will allow our players to wager and win absolutely massive amounts of Ether.
  9. Marketing & Advertising
    Digital advertising in the form of banner and email campaigns, social media and a presence in various crypto-currency forums coupled with press-releases will allow us to expand upon our current early-adopter Ethereum audience. However, until we optimize our game (points above), we will not aggressively approach audiences outside of Ethereum. When we target, for example, the Bitcoin audience, we believe a game that is playable on mobile, that is fast, cheap and reliable will be the best way to win over new audiences in our target markets. Our primary target audience for the next 3-6 months will be early adopters of Ethereum. Beyond the next 6 months we intend to reach out to audiences of other crypto-currencies, (e.g. Bitcoin) with forum posts and banner campaigns on the various and relevant publishing platforms.
  10. High Roller + Low Roller Game
    We are starting to discuss the possibility of deploying an additional ‘low roller’ game which will allow players to wager tiny amounts of Ether. The way we will achieve this is to reduce the maximum profit for this particular game to be below 5 Ether for any bet placed. We are still researching this option, and we don’t want to give away or promise too much yet, but it could be something you see coming from us in the next <6 months.

Whilst this may not be a complete and/or detailed description of our development focus for the next 3-6 months, we do believe that it does provide some insight into what we currently have planned. Most of the items we have in the development pipeline, we can’t actually publicly discuss in detail yet, as they are still top secret (and for good reason)!

Support Requests

We are pleased with the level of support requests we are receiving, with only a tiny fraction of players requiring any sort of support from us, and most are related to the Metamask issue (we currently only fully support Mist browser). We are eager to reduce this number further once the Metamask team resolve their issue and deploy their latest version.

Recent Updates

Today we have deployed a new section to our website which displays real-time data about the game, including total Ether wagered, total Ether won, and the number of games played (you will only see this section if you are connected to an Ethereum node). We have also added a new section to our site outlining the benefits of owning DICE tokens. We will be increasing the bankroll this week, and have migrated our entire site to be served via https (SSL) as an additional layer of security and confidence for our players.

DICE Tokens Available May 15th on EtherDelta Exchange

DICE tokens are unlocked May 15th and will be available from this date forward on EtherDelta exchange, so if you missed out on our crowdfund in February, you can still pick up some DICE tokens from May 15th. You can learn more about the benefits of holding our DICE token by visiting today.



Soft-launch – Week 1 – Development Updates

After processing nearly 4000 bets in the past week(!) we will be suspending game play on our current live game at 0900 UTC to work on new development updates to our smart-contract and UI based on some of the feedback we have received over the 7 days.

In particular, planned updates are:

1) Smart contract: We were previously hard-coding the cost of calling Oraclize and were going to update these costs manually if and when they change to keep track our 1% max profit number. These new updates are going to instead make use of a method available to us via the Oraclize API, which they have just informed us would make this an automatic process.

2) A few nice little features to the UI, which will help when it comes to us being able to provide better support; displaying your tx id the instant you place your bet as well as a new FAQ section based on some of the common questions we have received over the past week.

Note: Funds from the soft-launch bankroll will be moved into the bankroll multi-sig wallet.

We aim to be back online by the end of the week. We thank you for you support and appreciate your patience as we work to provide you with these optimizations to our platform.