Etheroll Lowers Minimum Bet by 95% to 0.1 ETH Under Hugely Reduced Network Fees on Ethereum

We are excited today to celebrate with more good news following the news of our 66 ETH rewards distribution to begin tomorrow, May 3. Read more about how to participate in that here.

Following on from our update here regarding exciting updates to the Ethereum protocol and transaction fees – a week of sustained lower network fees as well as record high ETH prices now has Etheroll in a position in which we are able to lower the minimum bet to 0.1 ETH from 2 ETH. This is a 90% reduction in the minimum wager. Players, please take a seat, we’ve been holding the table for you. We welcome you back with open arms.

We hope that this huge reduction in the minimum wager will see our valued players back to roll and winning crazy massive amounts of ETH soon! Do we need to remind you what the maximum payout is for any one roll on Etheroll? Guess so.

The max payout is currently 50 ETH on any one roll!

Are we crazy, or what!?

No, we aren’t crazy. We are just provably-fair, with a low 1% house edge and no sign-ups or deposits. Try your luck today!

p.s. Thanks Flashbots! Flashbots for life.

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