ATTN ÐICE holders: Wealth Week XVI Update

ÐICE gang!

Wealth Week XVI kicks off in just 7 days! We are pleased to announce quarter XVI looks to close out once again in profit for our valued ÐICE holders with a total of 66 ETH has been transferred to the rewards contract in preparation for Wealth Week XVI’s distribution phase beginning May 3, 2021 9:30AM UTC.

Let’s be honest, its been a tough quarter for Etheroll et al. network wide as soaring gas prices saw transaction costs for users and Dapps at record levels, inhibiting a lot of the financial activity that may otherwise occur on procedurally intensive Dapps that wear the cost of the transaction, like us. The borderless, frictionless, permissionless financial protocol which Ethereum has brought to the world shouldn’t be all that, and at the same time, cost inhibitive to its users. We understand these past couple of quarters have been frustrating for our users and valued ÐICE holders. This is certainly not the protocol we envisioned and its certainly not the future Ethereum is building. Things will get better.

Whilst we are currently in a frustrating holding pattern monitoring network gas prices in anticipation that Flashbots activated on ~60% of mining pools can bring Layer 1 (L1) gas prices down enough for us to lower our minimum bet, we are still extremely positive for the future of Ethereum. 2021 shows a myriad of upcoming relevant releases happening this year which should allow us to improve our L1 position significantly as well as move to Layer 2 (L2) technologies to get the dice rolling again in a low-cost/safe/reliable and effective way. Below is an outline of upcoming changes which cannot be underestimated;

  1. July 2021 – Arbitrary Optimistic rollups for public mainnet scheduled release.
  2. July 2021 – London hard-fork scheduled (includes EIP-1559 which will better estimate gas costs, and codify the organic implementation of Flashbots (moving Miner Extracted Value offchain and reducing gas costs).
  3. July 2021 – Uniswap V3 scheduled for public mainnet release (migrates to Optimistic rollups (L2) easing massive pressure on gas prices with Uniswap V1 and V2 being a top L1 gas guzzler of the network).
  4. Ongoing – Flashbots continued good work being applied. Network prices have again come down with 60% of mining pools running the Flashbots modified version of Geth – MEV-Geth. As Flashbots gain a larger share of the hash rate, we should continue to see gas prices dropping. There is evidence that every time the gas price has been over 500 gwei it has been due to only a handful of public gas auction (PGA) bots. Flashbots make PGA bots unusable. This amazing work by the Flashbots team and community is fantastic news for Ethereum and Etheroll at large. We look to reduce the minimum bet to the 0.3-0.5 eth region in coming days if gas prices can remain relatively stable at these areas.

Now, back to the fun stuff! 53 ETH will be up for 100% distribution to ÐICE token holders starting next week! Make sure you can participate. Make sure you own ÐICE. Make sure you pull your ÐICE tokens off any exchanges and/or liquidity pools and into a wallet that you control the private keys to in order to be able to participate in this quarters’ rewards at near all-time high ETH prices..

QXV1 Rewards Dates

May 3, 2021 9:45AM UTC – May 10, 2021 9:00AM UTC.
Duration: 7 days

Feeling lucky? Roll the dice today at

Details on how to participate in next week rewards period are available here.

It is important that you read and understand the instructions posted in order to claim your ÐICE rewards next week. It is the sole responsibility of the ÐICE token holder to follow the instructions and steps outlined in the link above in order to claim any and all ÐICE rewards.

ÐICE rewards rely entirely on the ÐICE token holders effort and/or participation. Without the ÐICE token holders effort and/or participation, rewards for those ÐICE tokens are forfeit. No exceptions.

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