ATTN ÐICE Holders: Etheroll’s Wealth Week XV Closes in <24 hours. Claim Your ETH Today.

A friendly reminder to ÐICE holders to make sure you claim your share of the 224 ETH payout – only 24 hours remain to claim. Follow the instructions available at and claim your ETH today.

Wealth Week XV Dates

February 1, 2021 9:45AM UTC – February 8, 2021 9:00AM UTC.
Duration: 7 days

Transaction still pending?

Transactions which finalize after the rewards period close will result in a failed transaction and you not your receiving your ETH.

It is important to ensure you include a high enough gas price to make sure your transaction completes before February 8, 2021 9:00AM UTC.

Sometimes when you submit a transaction the gas price may have been set too low for miners to include the transaction in a block in a timely manner. If you are experiencing this issue you can cancel the pending transaction and overwrite it with a new transaction a a higher gas price. Follow the instructions from Metamask here.

Also, ensure to include at least 100,000 gas in order to complete the transaction and keep your eye on gas prices as you submit your transaction to check you are setting the right gas price to match current market conditions.

Once you claim your rewards, ether that you receive will be shown under your ‘Internal Transactions’ tab on

ÐICE rewards rely entirely on the ÐICE token holders effort and/or participation. Without the ÐICE token holders effort and/or participation, rewards for those ÐICE tokens are forfeit. No exceptions.

It is important that you read and understand the instructions posted in order to claim your ÐICE rewards. It is the sole responsibility of the ÐICE token holder to follow the instructions and steps outlined in the link above in order to claim ÐICE rewards.

NOTE: DICE tokens are currently locked and cannot be transferred during the 7 day rewards period. If you attempt to transfer tokens during the rewards period you will need to recreate the transfer after the rewards period has closed in order to complete the transfer.

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