Community Update: Bankroll has been increased. Max profit now ~48 eth.

Just a quick community update – Etheroll and its ‘choose-your-own-odds’ dice game has been reinstated to its former balance, seeing an additional 3,843 ETH added to the bankroll for a total of 4,881 ETH.

This major increase allows players to realize a massive maximum profit of up to ~48 ETH on any one roll.

The update also returns the bankroll to its previous state, as it was before funds were migrated in order to update the contract with additional security hardening measures. As always, any profit above 5,000 ETH will be pulled during quarterly rewards periods for 100% distribution to DICE hodlers, as has previously been the case. So if you’d like to ‘bet on the house’ you can learn more about DICE tokens here.

This update comes as we continue our march towards running the game once again at full capacity (with plenty of dry powder available to increase our capacity to cater to high rollers in the future).

We would like to thank the community – our valuable DICE holders and players – for their patience during this period. Let’s roll!