Community Update: Bankroll has been increased to 1000 eth. Max profit now 10 eth.

Game contract has been updated and deployed to production after security hardening. Additional data added to the oracle query id is verified in the callback (which is also included in the TLSNotary proof) that makes it impossible for an attacker to swoop in on forked query ids and change the forked player target and/or bet value.

We are now working to substantially increase gas efficiency via a complete rewrite of our contract from Solidity v0.4.24 to the v0.6+ compiler. Early initial prototypes are seeing gas savings up to ~65% for the house(!) and up to ~50% for players, which will allow us to eventually offer lower minimum rolls (hopefully down to 0.05 eth). This is a big task. It will involve a couple months prototyping and another full round of security audits in order to be deployed.

Whilst this work continues, we will also explore additional RNG options, such as Chainlink’s VRF – however on paper, this option appears to be economically nonviable (each request costs 0.1 LINK), but is interesting enough to warrant further exploration.

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