Etheroll’s Wealth Week IX Is Now Closed. ÐICE Tokens Unlocked.

Etheroll’s 2nd largest Wealth Week (IX) has been a success with 957 ETH claimed by our valued token holders over the past 7 days.

ÐICE tokens are now unlocked and available for transfer.

A total of 219 ETH remained unclaimed at the end of the rewards period, or 18.6% of the entire payout. For Wealth Week X we hope to see those that did not claim their ETH during this period claim in the next, which opens 12 weeks from today,  on November 4, 2019. Make sure to save the date in your calendar to ensure you can participate in the next round!

Unclaimed ETH from this epoch has been added to the Q10 bankroll and will be distributed pro-rata to ÐICE holders during Wealth Week X in 12 weeks time (when the bankroll is in profit).

If you attempted ÐICE transfers during the lock period which were unsuccessful due to the lock period, you can now submit those transactions again in order to move your ÐICE tokens.

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