Etheroll’s Wealth Week V Closes In ~24 Hours. Claim Your Ether Now.

Just a quick reminder for those of you that hold DICE and have not yet claimed your rewards…

DICE token holders have ~24 hours to claim their share of this rewards period. Follow the instructions available on our page to claim yours today.

5th Rewards Period
Dates: Aug 6, 2018 9:15AM UTC – Aug 13, 2018 9:00AM UTC.
Duration: 7 days.
Current Status: OPEN

DICE tokens will be unlocked and available for transfer again at the close of the rewards period. Any DICE transfers you have attempted during the lock period will not automatically complete once the rewards period is closed. If you attempted a DICE transfer during the lock period, you will need to perform the transfer again once the lock period has expired in order to move your tokens.

It is the sole responsibility of the ÐICE token holder to take action and follow the steps available at in order to claim any and all ÐICE rewards. ÐICE rewards rely entirely on the ÐICE token holders participation. Without the ÐICE token holders participation, rewards for those ÐICE tokens are forfeit. No exceptions.


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