Development Update | Mist 0.9.0 Support | Gas Improvement Updates

Mist Browser 0.9.0 Support

You can now play Etheroll using the latest version of Mist (v0.9.0). We are delighted that our players can now roll the dice using the latest version of Mist browser. If you haven’t already, we highly recommend checking out Mist (v0.9.0), which now also includes Swarm functionality and many other handy new features.

Improvements to our page load speed were also rolled out in this update. Players should notice that our game now loads with significantly less ‘hang-time’.

If you were already using Mist v0.9.0 clear your browser cache and reload our page and you should be good to go. Older versions of Mist <0.9.0 are still supported.

Gas Improvements (a work in progress)

We anticipated deployment of gas improvements into production by now however we were a little ahead of ourselves and are still working on the implementation of gas improvements to the core game contract with our development partners.

Testing of the gas improved contracts has begun on Ropsten testnet however we are moving over to the Rinkeby testnet for further testing and refinement before deploying the improved contracts into a production environment. Initial testing shows good results with significant savings in gas costs. We will be publishing the numbers as we get closer to a production deployment for this update.

We are still focused on delivering gas improvements to our contract in the coming weeks, albeit behind schedule.