Development Update

Hello all,

After being live for just ~14 weeks with a limited bankroll in soft-launch phase Etheroll has seen over 145,000 ether wagered on its dice game platform over an impressive ~90,000 individual rolls.

Needless to say Etheroll is now the most popular Ethereum dice gaming platform in the world. No wonder really. No deposits, no sign-ups, a low 1% house-edge – players just love our game!

Following on from the success of our crucial 1st rewards period, we are currently working on implementing the following improvements to the platform over the course of the next ~3 months:

  1.  Increased Bankroll
    The bankroll has just increased by 2500 ether to a massive 5000+ ether. We will continue to up the ante as time moves forward.
    Progress: Ongoing.
  2. Reduced Gas Costs
    We were aiming to have this out before the 1st rewards period but network-wide issues and unforeseen circumstances affected day-to-day operations which had flow on effects into development time. We have however been working together with our development partners to get this functionality in place and we are working on this as priority right now for a live release soon. Expect to see significant savings in gas costs for the house with this new release.
    Progress: 50%. Development focus for the next 2-3 weeks.
  3. Site Rebuild
    Our extremely talented front-end developer has now ported the site into Angular. What does this mean? Extensibility. This has not been a quick process. Developers are brand new to Web3/Ethereum and learning how smart-contracts interact with web clients is a very nuanced operation so there has been a lot of teachings and learnings in bringing on a new developer. We are happy with the progress that has been made but there is still a lot more work to do before these major site updates (see below) are ready for the production environment.
    Progress: 60%. Development focus for the next 12 weeks.
  4. 3D Interface
    Yup! We are building a 3D UI! Let’s just say you will feel like you are in a real casino when you are playing. We believe our players will really like the direction in which we are going with this. We are working on adding a bit more fun into the platform for our players as we look to captivate our audience with a new interactive and 3D UI. We will still offer the ‘retro’ UI for those players not concerned about seeing fancy graphics during game-play, but the new 3D interface we are building is looking great and we can’t wait to share it with the world when we are ready.
    Progress 60%. Development focus for the next 12 weeks.

    5. Advertising
    Q4 2017. Off the back of the improvements outlined above we will begin advertising, however with the level of interest in the platform we are already seeing (145,000 ether wagered) we don’t see this as our #1 priority or problem right now. Before we scale up we need to make the improvements to the platform outlined above before we engage new customers from Bitcoin, etc. We also consider PoS to be the final piece of the puzzle for us in which our players can experience dice results in <5 seconds. PoS would see a push from us in regards to advertising, however we don’t want to be forgotten in the meantime either, so there will be efforts in these regards leading up to PoS. Banner campaigns, press-releases and the like are on the cards but in the meantime, development improvements still receive priority.


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