Bankroll Increased to 5000+ Ether

The Etheroll bankroll has just increased by 2500 ether to a massive 5000+ ether. We will continue to up the ante as time moves forward. The maximum profit on any one dice roll is now a huge 50+ ether. Let’s roll!


One thought on “Bankroll Increased to 5000+ Ether

  1. Hi. Great to hear your news of your development and the increased bankroll. With that amount, i would like to suggest a mini lottery with a fund of 100 ether as prize money. The lottery is for a combination of 10,000 nos. (0000-9999). each no sold for 0.013-0.015 ether. If 80% nos are sold you will have a profit (for 0.013 ether). 70% for 0.015. Any profits can be distributed between developers (or those who help maintain the system) token holders and some left behind for a jackpot. To win the jackpot the person needs to strike the prize no. plus one additional no ie 5 digits until the jackpot reaches 700 or 800 ether. Those like to hope likes this lottery for they do not have to think or used up their time. They can still go on with their daily work. You can draw the lottery at any frequency (once, twice a week). This is very popular in East Asia. Please let me know if you have read this.


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