Quick Development Update

Just a quick update from us; we are working on a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff at the moment – not too much to report right now in regards to actual deployments.

Rewards contract:
Internal testing of the rewards contract is ongoing with security audits scheduled to begin next week. The plan is to push major announcements out into the community along with site updates surrounding the claiming of rewards ~24th July. This gives the community a 2 week lead-up into the 1st rewards phase. Everything is on track internally and we are happy with the progress being made with the rewards contract.

Bankroll increase/advertising:
Postponed until after the 1st rewards period. Development wise, the lead up to the 1st rewards period is a crucial time for us and the entire community, so we appreciate your patience with us as we work towards kicking these time-critical goals before we expand any further in these regards.

Internally the majority of the front-end has been ported over to Angular 4 thanks to our new front-end developer and new mobile layouts/designs are beginning to take shape thanks to our UI/UX designer – all ongoing and still very much work-in-progress.

After the 1st rewards period our focus returns heavily to optimization of gas costs, bankroll increases, design and advertising. Progress is moving along nicely and we look forward to the coming weeks announcements, site updates and a successful 1st rewards period. Let’s roll!


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