Game Back Online + Development Update

We are thrilled to announce our game is now back online after network-wide congestion in the form of a large backlog of failed transactions (due to the recent MYST and BAT ICOs) forced us to pause the game. Happy days!

Let’s talk about gas prices.

There have been some interesting developments within the Ethereum community over the past 24 hours in regards to handling the recent spike in gas prices. The current plan is a concerted effort to recommend miners reduce the base gas price to ~1/4 the current rate. We will also combine this with our own optimizations in order to reduce our gas costs even further. You can read more about the proposed solutions below.

The problem:
Gas prices have risen ~x5 since we launched. The median price for a transfer is now ~10c, compared to when we launched the median price was ~2c Homestead does not have a gas market and the majority of miners are not reducing the base gas price, which has risen in-line with the recent rise in ether.

Proposed solutions:
1) The plan is to reduce the base gas price to ~1/4 of the current rate. This will not happen overnight, but it is definitely a step in the right direction.

2) We have solid plans in place to reduce our gas costs significantly. We will be working with our oracle in order to update our smart-contract to receive unused gas back as a refund from the oracle. This update has always been an important part of our development road-map.

3) Metropolis will deliver a gas market – gas prices should become more competitive.

4) General contract optimization. We intend to take a closer look at ways in which we can optimize our contract to further save on gas costs.

Let’s roll!

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