Etheroll is back online

Thank you for your patience. A couple of items;

  • For now we only fully support Mist browser. Do not use Metamask + Chrome. It is important that you follow the instructions on our ‘How to Play’ tab.
  • Considering the recent rise in ether we have reduced the minimum bet to 0.1 ether.
  • If you are still seeing ‘offline – maintenance’ when you load the page, right click the page loaded in Mist and select inspect element > Network > check the box ‘disable cache’, then right click the page again and select ‘Reload’. Mist is very aggressive with caching, but this should solve any caching issues you may be experiencing.
  • The bankroll has been loaded with the funds from the discontinued contract and we start from where we previously left off.
  • New contract address: 0xece701c76bd00d1c3f96410a0c69ea8dfcf5f34e

A big thank you to the community for the level of patience and support you have shown us over the past couple of days, we are extremely happy to be back online. We can now look forward to getting back to the business of improving the platform and moving forward with our big ticket items, as discussed previously in our 3-6 month development road-map. Let’s roll!


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