DDOS attack has been mitigated with server migration, improvements and upgrades.

Our site is back online. After a 24+ hour period of our server being under heavy DDOS attack we have migrated servers, upgraded, and implemented various server improvements to protect ourselves against future DDOS attacks. Whilst the particular DDOS attack we were under still has not stopped, we were able to solve the issue. Just another day in crypto really.

We can now get back to the business of updating, testing and re-deploying our smart-contract with improved fall-backs for any and all cases of oracle and/or data-source failures.

We do sincerely apologize for the recent downtime, and we really look forward to the game going live again ASAP. As of this very moment, we don’t want to give exact timings, but rest assured the game will be deployed onto main-net and live again as a matter of priority, always with safety in mind. Thank you for your patience.


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