Development Update

We are working on getting the game and our systems back up and running ASAP. We too are currently experiencing issues with Ethereum node syncs, but once these issues have been sorted we will be back up and running. We apologize for the delays. We know you are all eager to see us back online, we are too. Massive record spikes in transactions recently across the network are hampering our ability to get back up and running as quickly and smoothly as we would like to There is currently a 2 hour backlog of transactions due to the BAT ICO. 24 seconds of token sale, followed by a 3+ hour backlog of failed transactions. We will keep you updated.

Game temporarily paused – Ethereum network under heavy load due to MYST token sale.

There were 2600txs queued up on the ethereum network. We are working to resolve the game back to normal status once the network has cleared. For now, the game is paused until the txs queue is cleared. Any unprocessed games will be processed ASAP. Thank you for your patience.

*UPDATE: Network wide transaction backlog has been cleared. We await our oracle to come back online. We will keep you updated accordingly. We apologize for the recent delays.

*UPDATE 2: We will go live once the service normalizes and all issues are resolved 100%. We will provide updates accordingly.

Etheroll is back online

Thank you for your patience. A couple of items;

  • For now we only fully support Mist browser. Do not use Metamask + Chrome. It is important that you follow the instructions on our ‘How to Play’ tab.
  • Considering the recent rise in ether we have reduced the minimum bet to 0.1 ether.
  • If you are still seeing ‘offline – maintenance’ when you load the page, right click the page loaded in Mist and select inspect element > Network > check the box ‘disable cache’, then right click the page again and select ‘Reload’. Mist is very aggressive with caching, but this should solve any caching issues you may be experiencing.
  • The bankroll has been loaded with the funds from the discontinued contract and we start from where we previously left off.
  • New contract address: 0xece701c76bd00d1c3f96410a0c69ea8dfcf5f34e

A big thank you to the community for the level of patience and support you have shown us over the past couple of days, we are extremely happy to be back online. We can now look forward to getting back to the business of improving the platform and moving forward with our big ticket items, as discussed previously in our 3-6 month development road-map. Let’s roll!

Development update

Work completes today on updates to our smart contract and we begin internal testing of these changes; easier proof verification, improved fall-backs in the case of an oracle or data-source failure. This process should take us into Sunday. This being the case we are aiming for a live deployment early in the week.

Prior to the next live launch, funds from the discontinued game will be moved back into the primary bankroll multi-sig wallet before being transferred into the updated contract for go-live. The bankroll will pick up where it left off. e will update the community accordingly via our communication channels as progress is made.

In other news; we have opened dialogue with a UX/UI consultant and trusted designer to assist us in these departments into and during the next phases of the project. New designs will include mobile versions, in preparation for deployment to

Research into the new Ledger hardware based RNG generator with on-chain proof verification supplied by Oraclize has also begun, and we are excited to begin testing this out on test-net in the coming days and weeks before potentially migrating over to this new system for our RNG (TBC).

Thank you once again for all of your support and patience as we work on delivering this next round of improvements to our game. Let’s roll!

DDOS attack has been mitigated with server migration, improvements and upgrades.

Our site is back online. After a 24+ hour period of our server being under heavy DDOS attack we have migrated servers, upgraded, and implemented various server improvements to protect ourselves against future DDOS attacks. Whilst the particular DDOS attack we were under still has not stopped, we were able to solve the issue. Just another day in crypto really.

We can now get back to the business of updating, testing and re-deploying our smart-contract with improved fall-backs for any and all cases of oracle and/or data-source failures.

We do sincerely apologize for the recent downtime, and we really look forward to the game going live again ASAP. As of this very moment, we don’t want to give exact timings, but rest assured the game will be deployed onto main-net and live again as a matter of priority, always with safety in mind. Thank you for your patience.