Soft-launch – Week 1 – Development Updates

After processing nearly 4000 bets in the past week(!) we will be suspending game play on our current live game at 0900 UTC to work on new development updates to our smart-contract and UI based on some of the feedback we have received over the 7 days.

In particular, planned updates are:

1) Smart contract: We were previously hard-coding the cost of calling Oraclize and were going to update these costs manually if and when they change to keep track our 1% max profit number. These new updates are going to instead make use of a method available to us via the Oraclize API, which they have just informed us would make this an automatic process.

2) A few nice little features to the UI, which will help when it comes to us being able to provide better support; displaying your tx id the instant you place your bet as well as a new FAQ section based on some of the common questions we have received over the past week.

Note: Funds from the soft-launch bankroll will be moved into the bankroll multi-sig wallet.

We aim to be back online by the end of the week. We thank you for you support and appreciate your patience as we work to provide you with these optimizations to our platform.


7 thoughts on “Soft-launch – Week 1 – Development Updates

  1. Why the need to bring down the running app to perform updates? Can’t you develop on the testnet and then deploy to the mainnet when finalized?


    1. We are only in our soft-launch development phase for limited live testing. The purposes of these launches are to absorb feedback from the community and make the necessary changes. We don’t want to keep getting the same requests over and over, so we will make the adjustments and re-launch.


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