Development Update + Security Audit Results + Live Deployment

We would like to apologize for the recent delay in publishing the results of our security audit. Thank you for your patience with us during this time.

Our security audit has been signed-off by Piper Merriam in advance of our live deployment. We would like to publicly thank Piper Merriam for all of his work in helping us secure our contracts.

We are pleased to announce that *no major or critical issues* have been discovered during the process of the audit. Round #2 of our security audit was for the purposes of exposing any exploitable security vulnerabilities, or other threats to the integrity of the contract. Primary focuses were:

– Ensure investor funds in the bankroll are secure.
– Ensure that user funds are secure.
– Ensure that the game rules are accurately represented in the code.

You can browse the results of our security audits at the links below.

Round #1 (~December – initial audit):—follow-up-audit

Round #2 (~March/April – follow up):

Live Deployment Schedule

We have a live deployment date scheduled for Monday, 17th April. Live deployment of our contract will be a ‘soft-launch’ with a limited bankroll as we work on normalizing the system and ease into ramping up our full production mode. We are really excited to get this game into production and see it processing live bets. Let’s roll!


5 thoughts on “Development Update + Security Audit Results + Live Deployment

  1. I cannot place any bets. The system keeps telling me Max profit can only be zero. Will not allow me to place a bet even though it says it is online. Looks like the system has not processed any bets thus far.


    1. Are you connected to main-net? Sounds like you are connected to test-net. Try clearing your browser cache and refresh the page, we have processed over 2000 bets. Let us know how that works for you.


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