Soft-launch – Week 1 – Development Updates

After processing nearly 4000 bets in the past week(!) we will be suspending game play on our current live game at 0900 UTC to work on new development updates to our smart-contract and UI based on some of the feedback we have received over the 7 days.

In particular, planned updates are:

1) Smart contract: We were previously hard-coding the cost of calling Oraclize and were going to update these costs manually if and when they change to keep track our 1% max profit number. These new updates are going to instead make use of a method available to us via the Oraclize API, which they have just informed us would make this an automatic process.

2) A few nice little features to the UI, which will help when it comes to us being able to provide better support; displaying your tx id the instant you place your bet as well as a new FAQ section based on some of the common questions we have received over the past week.

Note: Funds from the soft-launch bankroll will be moved into the bankroll multi-sig wallet.

We aim to be back online by the end of the week. We thank you for you support and appreciate your patience as we work to provide you with these optimizations to our platform.

Etheroll DICE listed on EtherDelta exchange

Tokens will remain locked until May 15th, thus no volume, no price until then.

We would like to give a big shout out to EtherDelta for listing our DICE token.

We are in discussion with other exchanges and will update you accordingly as we get listed. Don’t forget to email and request DICE to be listed at your favorite exchange today. Also, feel free to mention your favorite exchange here and we will get in touch with them, if we have not already.

Development Update + Security Audit Results + Live Deployment

We would like to apologize for the recent delay in publishing the results of our security audit. Thank you for your patience with us during this time.

Our security audit has been signed-off by Piper Merriam in advance of our live deployment. We would like to publicly thank Piper Merriam for all of his work in helping us secure our contracts.

We are pleased to announce that *no major or critical issues* have been discovered during the process of the audit. Round #2 of our security audit was for the purposes of exposing any exploitable security vulnerabilities, or other threats to the integrity of the contract. Primary focuses were:

– Ensure investor funds in the bankroll are secure.
– Ensure that user funds are secure.
– Ensure that the game rules are accurately represented in the code.

You can browse the results of our security audits at the links below.

Round #1 (~December – initial audit):—follow-up-audit

Round #2 (~March/April – follow up):

Live Deployment Schedule

We have a live deployment date scheduled for Monday, 17th April. Live deployment of our contract will be a ‘soft-launch’ with a limited bankroll as we work on normalizing the system and ease into ramping up our full production mode. We are really excited to get this game into production and see it processing live bets. Let’s roll!

Development Update + Live Deployment

We are awaiting final sign-off of our security audit which has now been completed. All that remains is for us to receive the final sign-off so we can publish the official audit results ahead of our main-net deployment.

In the next 24-48 hours we will be abandoning our Ropsten test-net game in anticipation of our main-net launch next week. Do not be alarmed if you see that the test-net game is not functioning.

We do apologize for the recent delays. We would just like to remind you that our 3rd party security audits are outside of our control in regards to exact timings, so please bear with us as we get all of this finalized and ready for go-live.

We will update you as soon as we have more news. Although we are admittedly a little behind our original schedule, everything is going ahead and the game contract will be processing live bets very soon.

Development Update – Security Audit

Our security audit is now entering its final phase and should be completed within ~48 hours. Once we have received our final sign-off we will be publishing the results from our audit as well as any of our code updates and reasons for doing so. We will also finally have our go-live deployment date set in stone.

We are very happy to confirm that up until this point there have been no major or critical vulnerabilities discovered during the security audit process.

We are pleased to announce that we have added an extra layer of security to our RNG which will ensure that our oracle absolutely cannot behave as a bad actor without being held accountable. We will be detailing all of these updates in our final published audit which we will be releasing in ~48 hours.

Thank you for your patience.