Development Update 03/16/17 + Live Deployment Schedule

We are currently finalizing our game smart-contract in preparation for a 3rd-party security audit next week of our go-live game contract. This won’t be the final game contract we ever write.

This security audit will again be performed by Piper Merriam who assisted in securing our initial test-net smart-contract and crowdfund codebase and we are once again very happy to have him reviewing our code. By the time we submit our contracts again for audit next week, we will have made only a few relatively small adjustments code wise, but these adjustments still need to be audited before go-live (this is round #2 of security audits on the game code).

Live Deployment Date is Scheduled for 31st March 2017 
We are penciling in a live deployment date of 31st March 2017 pending the timing and results of our 3rd party security audits all go according to plan next week (which they should!).

For live launch, safety of our valued token holders ether is absolutely priority #1. We will be launching our beta to main-net with a very limited bankroll (size TBC) for the first few weeks to ensure the contract runs smoothly and to limit risk to the community bankroll.

As we have seen recently with the delay of the ENS, go-live can be a different beast to test-net deployments even after security audits and a successful beta running on test-net. We do not have concerns about our live launch, this is just to be on the safe side.

Our beta live launch of the game contract will have more central governance from us than we would like, but this is just as we warm up the engines to get things rolling on main-net. As time progresses (over the next 3 months) we intend to strip away as much central governance as we can from the game contract, until it can run as autonomously as possible. There is generally a trade-off between total decentralization and safety mechanisms. For the moment, we believe the latter to be a more important characteristic, but fear not, we will not lose site of the former, after all, that is why we are all here in the first place.

We will essentially roll-out a ‘soft-launch’ of the live game and until things are running smoothly we won’t be running banner campaigns or marketing the site until we are comfortable the contract is performing perfectly.

Once our game contract is live and running smoothly with the limited bankroll we can crank up the game balance eventually to its maximum. After which, we can then focus our attention on finalizing development and security audits of the final ‘reward’ contract. We will be providing instructions on how token holders can interact with the ‘reward’ contract, as well as launch a test-net page for you so you can get a feel as to how the rewards contract will function late April.

Tokens become transferable on May 15th and as we get closer to that date we will be announcing our progress in regards to tokens being listed on exchanges.

In regards to our live launch, everything is on track and currently running according to schedule. You can expect our next status update to come from us in 7 days time.


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