Development update

Like to watch?

We have just added functionality which allows you to watch all betting and game results for all players. To view all betting and game results click the ‘All bets’ tab, or, review only your latest bets by clicking the ‘Your bets’ tab.

These updates are front-end only, with no changes to our core smart-contract code. We love to hear feedback as we continue to add functionality and tweak the platform, hopefully making for a better gaming experience for all of our players.

You may need to clear your cache to see these updates. If you are still seeing the old ‘paused’ game when using the Mist browser, right click and ‘inspect element’ then click ‘network’ and check the ‘disable cache’ checkbox, then reload. Mist browser seems to hold on to cache quite aggressively, but this will clear all cache in the Mist browser.

*Note: the all bets tab is not a true reflection of all bets that have been placed since our original testnet launch as we updated to a new contract only a few days ago. Ropsten is still a little shaky, so any discrepancy in the displays will likely be due to sync issues on Ropsten.



One thought on “Development update

  1. Great work, good functions, but there is one big thing I do not like: its the UI with front end design. As one of the early investors I suggest you hire somebody to work on it. After DICE will be listed on exchange markets the first thing what the buyers will be looking at is webpage and it looks really bad. You should think about eye catching flat design with some animations on clicking buttons and ect. because its gambling site, it should be entertaining. If you will manage to accomplish it before listing on exchange markets, the sky is the limit for this project! Cheers

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