Testnet Ropsten looks to be normalized

We are currently performing internal tests and improvements to our codebase which we will be pushing back up to Ropsten in the coming days (likely within 48-72 hours).

We are still on track for a live deployment of late March. All systems are go, we are on track and running to schedule as planned.

We have been contacted by https://github.com/inzhoop-co/LETH and look to add support for mobile in the very near future. No hard dates on that just yet, but we will keep you posted.

Don’t forget to ask your favorite exchange to list our ÐICE token, the more requests exchanges have from customers, the more support we will have on exchanges. We will keep you updated as to the progress in regards to listing of ÐICE on exchanges.

Don’t forget, ÐICE is still locked, you will not be able to transfer them for +11 weeks after the end of our crowdfund.


7 thoughts on “Testnet Ropsten looks to be normalized

    1. Hi Shane, there is no point in having them on an exchange at this point in time due to the lock, but we do want to get the ball rolling in regards to any background work necessary to have them listed.


      1. Understandable. What are you long term goals in terms of your service? How will the coins be more valuable in 11 weeks? How will they be more valuable in 52 weeks?


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