Etheroll Is Very Proud to Announce Today That Our Crowdfund Has Been a Tremendous Success

After 14 days running our crowdfund we can now proudly announce that our crowdfunding campaign has been an absolute tremendous success!

We are blown away by the level of support shown within the community. We will not let you down!

We would like to thank everybody who has contributed and helped us get to this most important milestone as well as provided their insight and feedback over the past two weeks.

Now the real work begins.

To summarize:

  • Total ether raised: 23,680.576316219
  • Final DICE token supply: 7,001,622.6487944217315546
  • Bankroll: 18,944.461052975467804696
  • Etheroll funds: 4,736.115263243866951175

You can check your final DICE balance here:

Funds have been successfully migrated to separate multi-sig wallets.

80% bankroll:

20% Etheroll:

This is the start of something very special and we are very proud to have your support. We now look forward to the future and will be updating you over the following days in regards to our next moves.

Primarily our focus in the coming days will be:

  • DICE listed on exchanges
  • Sorting this recent testnet Ropsten spam issue (our beta is currently unavailable due to this attack)
  • Preparing for live deployments

We will be providing updates every 48-72 hours.

Don’t forget, if you have not already, we recommend registering your email with us, which you can still do from our crowdfunding page.


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