Etheroll crowdfund raises $175K USD in its first 24 hours

We are extremely excited to announce today that in its first 24 hours our crowdfund has raised 13,209 ether valued at ~$175k USD from a total of 230 transactions.

2,641,800 ÐICE tokens have been exchanged in the process.

This is absolutely fantastic news for everybody involved. The current amount raised just 24 hours into our 14 day crowdfund means the size of our house bankroll will be at least 10,567 ether (~$140k usd) and our maximum bet size would be 10.5672 ether if we were to go live today, and we still have another 13 days to go!

As expected, our crowdfund has been running incredibly smoothly, with only a couple of minor support requests revolving around the number of decimals the ÐICE token requires (16), and which address to ‘watch’ in order to track the ÐICE token balance (0x2e071D2966Aa7D8dECB1005885bA1977D6038A65).

Of course, if you are wanting to participate in our crowdfund, only send to the following verified address as posted on our website and never trust any other source that does not come directly from our reddit username or official website.

You can view our crowdfund address here:

Note; there have been a couple of transactions that have failed and been refunded, only due to the senders not including enough gas along with their transaction. If you are purchasing ÐICE tokens, it can be a good idea to include at least 200,000 gas in order to complete the purchase. Don’t worry, any unused gas will be automatically refunded to you.

Keep in mind there are only 6 days remaining to benefit from the very generous 1:200 ÐICE conversion schedule. After Monday the ÐICE conversion drops in half to 1:100.

As always, it is important that you send to our crowdfund address (0x805129C7144688224c122c924E3855D5b4FA01D8) from an address or wallet that is under your control e.g. Ethereum Wallet or MyEtherWallet. Do not send from an online exchange or hosted wallet (e.g. Coinbase). We send ÐICE tokens directly to the address that you send from. Exchanges do not send from your address which means you will not receive your ÐICE tokens, we cannot stress this enough.

To learn more about the details of our crowdfund today, please visit our website at

A big thank you to those of you that have participated so far and believe in the strength, value and future of the platform.

Important details
crowdfund details
how to participate
Start Date: 10:00 UTC February 13th 2017
Duration: 14 days.
Conversion schedule:
Week 1: 1 ether : 200 ÐICE
Week 2: 1 ether : 100 ÐICE
Number of tokens available: 25,000,000 (any unsold tokens that remain after the crowdfund are destroyed to rule out dilution)
Crowdfund address: 0x805129C7144688224c122c924E3855D5b4FA01D8
Development phase is complete and live deployment scheduled for March 2017


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