Etheroll crowdfund is now open!

Visit to participate!

Our game is in beta, our code is audited, our live deployment is scheduled March 2017. We are ready to roll!

We send ÐICE tokens directly to the address you send from, so if you use an exchange to participate in our crowdfund, you will not receive your ÐICE tokens, *we cannot stress this enough*.

Please note: For security purposes ÐICE tokens are locked for a period of 13 weeks after the opening of the crowdfund. You will not be able to transfer them during this time.

Important details
crowdfund details
Start Date: 10:00 UTC February 13th 2017
Duration: 14 days.
Conversion schedule:
Week 1: 1 ether : 200 ÐICE
Week 2: 1 ether : 100 ÐICE
Number of tokens available: 25,000,000
Crowdfund address: 0x805129C7144688224c122c924E3855D5b4FA01D8
Development phase is complete and live deployment scheduled for March 2017

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