Why dice games are the most popular of all casino games in cryptoland

Dice games are by far the most popular gambling activity on the Bitcoin network.

But why? Is it the ease of the game? Pick a number and roll! Maybe. We believe it has more to do with the players ability to ‘choose-your-own-odds’ that makes dice gambling the most popular game among crypto players! Check out these stats.

How likely is it this will also be the case on Ethereum? We like the odds.

ÐICE token details:
Start Date: 10:00 UTC February 13th 2017.
Duration: 14 days.
Conversion schedule:
Week 1: 1 ether : 200 ÐICE (ROL) tokens.
Week 2: 1 ether : 100 ÐICE (ROL) tokens.
Tokens available: 25,000,000

Visit crowdfund.etheroll.com today to learn more and pre-register your interest. You can also play our game here. Good luck!


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