Today we are proud to publish the results of our 3rd party security audit

In the wake of The DAO and in following best practices for smart contract security, Etheroll contracted Piper Merriam for 3rd party independent security audits of the entire suite of our smart contracts. We are very proud to have had the opportunity to work with Piper for the purposes of securing our smart contracts. Piper Merriam is well known for his work on maintaining a lot of the Python tooling for Ethereum, working with Vitalik Buterin on PoC implementations of Casper, and of course the Ethereum Alarm Clock (among other things). Piper was a speaker at Devcon 1 and more recently, a speaker at Devcon 2. Piper is highly regarded within the Ethereum community, specifically in regards to smart-contract security, and we are most certainly very proud to announce that we have recently satisfied the requirements of his smart contract security audits. You can view the results of the crowdfund security audit below.

View the crowdfund code security audit


After reviewing the updated source all issues have been satisfactorily addressed.

6.5.5 Critical Issues None

You can also find the PGP signed version here. This is a major step forward for Etheroll and emphasizes how serious we are about building secure smart-contracts and implementing best practice development methodologies, meaning you can feel confident playing a part in the future of Ethereum dice gaming with Etheroll.

Many thanks to Piper Merriam for his work in ensuring the security of our smart contracts.

Interested in participating in our crowdfund?

Our crowdfund opens February 13. To learn more and pre-register your interest visit, play our beta game or read our whitepaper. You can talk with us at r/etheroll and follow us @etheroll.

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