A friendly reminder from the team at etheroll – there are only 10 days left until our crowdsale is open and we are inviting *you* to bet on the house!

Hello World!

Just a friendly reminder to all those who have displayed their interest in the etheroll.com crowdsale and are looking to invest in our Ðapp and the future of provably fair dice gaming using the Ethereum protocol; the countdown to our crowdsale has officially begun and there is absolutely no stopping us now!

**There are only 10 days left until our crowdsale is open!**

We have received considerable interest from investors all over the world and as such we may not be able to run our crowdsale for the entire two weeks as has been pre-scheduled. Once we sell out, that’s all folks! So we recommend you get some ETH prepared and ready for our opening date on June 13th 10:00 UTC so you don’t miss out.

Pre-register your interest today.

Our crowdsale is a one-time only event and will never be repeated again.

That’s right. This will be your one and only chance to participate in our crowdsale. After this event has closed, token holders will be the only people who are eligible for a 90% lions share in the profits this house bankroll generates – in perpetuity!

Let us take a look at some numbers shall we?

Satoshi Dice is a similar dice game, built instead for the Bitcoin protocol. It reported revenue in 2012 at ฿1,787,470. Its first year earnings were reported at a healthy ฿33,310.
Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/jonmatonis/2013/01/22/bitcoin-casinos-release-2012-earnings/#5da1b23950cb

With just 10 days remaining until the launch of our 14 day crowdsale , we thought it best just to remind those that are interested, exactly we have on offer for our token holders;

Our application is very close to launch. The only purpose of this token sale is to raise ETH that is to be used as the house bankroll.

We have a live date scheduled for August 15th 2016! That is exactly 6 weeks from today.

Each token grants its owner the following rights and has the following characteristics:

1. Direct profit share – proportional to the amount of tokens they hold. Token holders as a collective receive 90% of all profits the bankroll generates from this token sale.

2. Voting rights – Vote on which new games to build or features to add. Vote to reduce house edge if needed (to remain competitive – we currently have a low 1% house edge).

3. Are fully transferable peer-to-peer. You can sell your HERO (ɧ) tokens, or eventually divest (see our divestment schedule).

Start Date: The HERO (ɧ) token creation phase begins on June 13th at 10:00 UTC

Duration: 14 days.

Conversion schedule:
Week 1: 1 HERO (ɧ) token for 1 ETH (Ξ)
Week 2: 1 HERO (ɧ) token for 1.5 ETH (Ξ)

Total # of tokens to be created: 200,000
Any tokens that remain unsold at the end of the sale will be destroyed.

The token sale address: TBC



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