Announcing the etheroll token sale

We are most proud today to announce that we will be launching a token sale which will begin on June 13th at 10:00 UTC and run for 14 days.

We are inviting you to ‘bet on the house’.

Fuel the token sale with ETH during our token creation phase, and you become the holder of HERO (ɧ) tokens that grant you rights to a percentage of the profits the total bankroll generates, as well as the right to vote on proposals (new games/features).

During the token sale, when etheroll receives ETH, new HERO (ɧ) coins are minted and sent directly to the sender.

Each token grants its owner the following rights and has the following characteristics:

  1. Direct profit share – proportional to the amount of tokens they hold. Token holders as a collective receive 90% of all profits the bankroll generates from this token sale.
  2. Voting rights – Vote on which new games to build or features to add. Vote to reduce the house edge, if needed (we now offer our players a low 1% house edge).
  3. Are fully transferable peer-to-peer. You can sell your HERO (ɧ) tokens, or eventually divest (see our divestment schedule).

Start Date: The HERO (ɧ) token creation phase begins on June 13th at 10:00 UTC

Duration: 14 days.

Conversion schedule:

Week 1: 1 HERO (ɧ) token for 1 ETH (Ξ)

Week 2: 1 HERO (ɧ) token for 1.5 ETH (Ξ)

Total # of tokens created: 200,000

Any tokens that remain unsold at the end of the sale will be destroyed.

The token sale address: TBC

To learn more about the token sale, please visit our website at


5 thoughts on “Announcing the etheroll token sale

  1. In the direct profit share section, you mention that the token holders as a collective receive 50% of all the of the profits. Who receives the other 50%?



      1. Hi etheroll,

        Thanks for the reply and as a prospective token holder, I appreciate that you increased the collective share of token holders in the profit to 90%.

        However, still my original question remains unanswered. Where does the other 10% (i.e. the percentage that doesn’t go to token holders as a collective) go?


      2. Hello,

        Sure, to answer your question, the remaining 10% profit goes to the etheroll team and will be used to support further development of the project, essentially it will be used to pay developers. We may put some of these profits back into the bankroll so we can accept larger and larger bets on an ongoing basis. Hopefully this has answered your question, thanks!


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