The Game is a game of chance. Pure chance. This is truly 50/50 gambling. A purists sport.

Etheroll is a dice game for Ethereum, based on the simple idea of players betting on a ‘high’ or ‘low’ result.

Players are prompted to pick a number between 1-100 together with a wager they would like to place for the betting round. Upon user submission, the smart-contract then generates and returns a truly random number that is formulated entirely inside the blockchain.

This means there is absolutely no 3rd party to trust for random number generation…

Winners are paid when their number is within the resulting range, either high (50+) or low (<50). We pay winners 1.98 to 1.

Each betting round takes about 1 minute to complete – based on the speed of the Ethereum blockchain. We wait for a period of about 6 blocks before revealing the random number. A block is generated on the Ethereum blockchain, on average, about every 20-30 seconds:

The odds at Etheroll are calculated to give the house an edge of 2%, this packaged up with full transparency because all die rolls, results and earnings statistics are verifiable using the blockchain.

There are no deposits, there are no sign-ups. All of these features add up to one thing. We are probably the safest online casino to gamble on in the world, as our source code is completely open-source and verifiable, and we hold no user funds that could otherwise be at risk due to site/server failure, corrupted employees or hacking. There is nothing to hack.

On top of this, the Etheroll Ðapp is provably fair.

We provide the sha3 seeds prior to and after each betting round. Proving we did not and cannot (thanks to sha3 encryption) change the seed,  simply due to the fundamental way in which the Ethereum Blockchain operates. is currently a working prototype . It is a pre-alpha release to test the core game mechanics, usability and to perform bug tests and updates, as we build towards a final ‘go-live’ release phase.

At the moment (February 2016) Etheroll only runs on the testnet Ethereum blockchain, where no real money is involved. Test wei (the smallest unit of Ether) on the testnet is not exchangeable for real Ether.

If you connect to the site without running a local testnet Ethereum node, the website will not work. This is until the Mist browser will be released, which is a browser being made by the core Ethereum team to allow Ethereum Ðapps to run without the need for a full local node to be running.

Ether is the unit of currency that users are betting. Ethereum is the 2nd largest crypto-currency, followed only by Bitcoin.

The Etheroll game mechanic is provably fair in the sense that the game source code runs entirely on top of the Ethereum blockchain. This provides a level of auditability, accountability, transparency and trust that is just not available to users of standard, closed source, typical existing online gambling sites that do not run on the Ethereum blockchain. That is why Ethereum is often referred to as a ‘trust-less’ environment.

Etheroll game source code is an Ethereum smart-contract that by nature can be viewed publicly by players at any time to prove the game is provably fair.  Once it has launched, it can never be updated, changed, compromised or exploited.


3 thoughts on “The Game

  1. lol. You pay 1.98 to 1. So the game has negative expected value. The only thing that is clearer is the house edge since the result is perceptibly fair, but not so dissimilar to what bookies already do. However, the margin is rather low which I commend, a standard bookie would probably offer odds of 1.8 or 1.9.


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