Our vision

Etheroll.com – de-centralized, provably fair, immutable, Ethereum based online gambling application (Ðapp).

Etheroll.com is an online gambling Ðapp (de-centralized application) providing 50/50 chance for its players, it runs on the Ethereum network, which means it is auditable, transparent and de-centralized.

Ethereum is a disruptive technology that looks to change the way the world does business. A consortium of 42 banks, including 11 world banks are already testing the use of the technology to underpin their financial transactions. Microsoft has just included Ethereum developer tools in its latest software suites.

Etheroll is a simple game, that provides a platform for users to gamble ‘Ether’ currency (the  2nd largest crypto-currency) in a provably fair fashion. Ether is reasonably new to the crypto-currency market, having only launched in July 2015, the rise of Ether has been gargantuan in a very short time, with many predicting its market cap to outnumber that of Bitcoin at $6.1 billion. Ethereum market cap is currently $300 million, a very quick rise, partly due to the fact it has the programmable ability to run smart-contracts (auditable code) on the Blockchain. This means applications, business solutions, world banks, accountant firms (including the big four) and so-forth are looking at how to leverage this network for to reduce the ‘cost-of-business’. This is something Bitcoin is unable to offer. The future of Ethereum at the moment is looking very positive.

The current Ethereum online gambling market in February 2016. Our future, our competition and data from existing Bitcoin online gambling sites tell an interesting story.

Satoshi Dice (www.satoshidice.com) is an existing Bitcoin game that runs on the Bitcoin blockchain and is an interesting insight into the market that Etheroll will be able to tap into on the Ethereum blockchain in the very near future.

“Responsible for more than 50% of daily network volume on the Bitcoin blockchain, SatoshiDice reported first year earnings from wagering at an impressive ฿33,310 ($13,740,000). During the year, players bet a total of ฿1,787,470 in 2,349,882 individual bets at an average monthly growth rate of 78%. Earnings were calculated from eight months of data covering May to December, 2012.”


As of writing (February 2016), at the moment there are ~150 Ðapps that have been created, across a vast array of industry, in various stages of release. From concept, to prototype, to testing and live:

There are 2 Ðapps truly in the gambling category currently, we are 1 of them:

We believe we hold particular advantages within the Ethereum gambling industry due to the following characteristics of Etheroll;

  1. Our random number generator does not rely on a 3rd party. It is generated entirely within the Ethereum blockchain. This is truly puristic style, provably-fair gambling. There is simply no 3rd party to trust, ever. Oh, besides maths.
  2. Our user interface is simple for players to place bets. Our game is truly 50/50. Users simply pick a number between 1-100.  This appeals to a lot of ‘purist’ style gamblers all around the world, particularly China.

We do have problems.:

  1. We have no marketing
  2. We have no users (Ðapp has not been publicly launched yet)
  3. We need bankroll (to pay winners).



We believe that if we can solve the aforementioned problems we can immerse Etheroll at the forefront of an extremely lucrative and active market. For example;

The Bitcoin market cap is $6.1 billion.

It is estimated that 50-60% of Bitcoin transactions are for online gambling.

Ethereum (though only ~6 months old) is now the second largest crypto-currency by market cap at $300 million. We believe the Ethereum market cap will eventually equal that of Bitcoin, or higher.

Our goal at Etheroll.com is to capture a medium sized audience of the gambling marketplace that the Ethereuem blockchain will offer in the very near future.

Our 3 month goal; to gain at least a 30% market share of the online gambling marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain. During which time we will be looking to roll-out new casino style games and other valuable features for our users.


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