Our Scheduled Maintenance Is Now Complete

With minimal downtime our scheduled maintenance is now complete and our game is back online. Our new verified smart-contract address is: 0x3ad2bfea535bf1673f22de61b19f758a2dd0efff.

We recommend clearing your browser cache before you play. You will know when you are connected to the updated contract when you see ‘Max profit’ in the top right hand corner with a figure larger than 0.008289638932496075. If this figure is 0.008289638932496075 you will need to clear your browser cache in order to interact with our updated contract.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to improve upon the platform.

Let’s roll!


Scheduled Maintenance Begins 00:30 UTC

The game will be paused from 00:30 UTC Thursday, 15 February for scheduled maintenance.

We will be deploying a new contract with updates including changes which allow us to control the gas price for calls to Oraclize in times of heavy network-wide congestion. As this process is quite sensitive we won’t schedule a time for us to be back up and running, however rest assured that we aim to be back up ASAP – shouldn’t be more than a couple of hours. We will notify the community via our usual channels. Thank you for your patience during this time.

3rd Rewards Period Is Now Closed. ÐICE Tokens Are Unlocked.

We are pleased to announce that the 3rd rewards period is now closed and ÐICE tokens are once again unlocked and available for transfer as per normal.

Our next rewards period opens 3 months from today on May 7, 2018. Save the date in your calendar to ensure you are able to participate in the next round. If you attempted ÐICE transfers during the lock period which were unsuccessful due to the lock period, you can now post those transactions again in order to move ÐICE.

We Are Number 1!

A big thank you to all of our valued players and supporters who help make Etheroll the #1 Dapp on the Ethereum network.

Let’s roll!

ÐICE Tokens Are Locked And Non-transferable For A Period Of 1 Week

3rd Rewards Period
February 5, 2018 8:55 AM UTC – February 12, 2018 8:50 AM UTC
Duration: 7 days

Due to the bankroll being in negative territory there is no rewards distribution for this period. If you are a ÐICE token holder there is no action you need to take.

IMPORTANT: ÐICE tokens are currently locked and cannot be transferred during the 7 day rewards period. If you attempt to transfer tokens during the rewards period you will need to recreate the transfer after the rewards period has closed in order to complete the transfer.

Epoch 3 Recap

It has been a huge 3 months for Etheroll, since the last rewards period we have seen over 70,000 ether wagered and successfully processed over 75,000 rolls with some wildly successful players enjoying absolutely massive wins. Below is a table outlining the top 3 player wins (all time). A big congratulations to Wise-swan-75!

Top 3 Players

User Rolls Wagered Profit
1. Wise-swan-75
Ξ 15,140.45
Ξ 1,141.13
2. Bad-newt-14
Ξ 15,219.62
Ξ 420.00
3. Ugly-pig-1
Ξ 9,203.90
Ξ 282.28

(data courtesy of myetheroll.com)

We would like to extend a big thank you to all of our players and supporters that have helped us reach another important milestone. Keep an eye out for updates from us in the coming weeks in regards to our updated UI which we look to roll out soon as we now enter our internal testing phases of the new platform.

Let’s roll!

ATTN: ÐICE Tokens Will Be Locked And Non-transferable For A Period Of 1 Week

3rd Rewards Period
February 5, 2018 8:55 AM UTC – February 12, 2018 8:50 AM UTC
Duration: 7 days

ÐICE tokens will be locked and non-transferable during the 3rd rewards period. Due to the bankroll being in negative territory there is no rewards distribution for this period. If you are a ÐICE token holder there is no action you need to take.

IMPORTANT: During the 1 week lock period you will not be able to transfer ÐICE tokens. If you attempt to transfer ÐICE tokens during the lock period you will need to perform the transfer again after the lock period ends ( February 12, 2018 8:50 AM UTC) in order to move your tokens. 

Development Update – Updated Branding/UI/UX Teaser

When we initially launched Etheroll in early 2017 we went live with a bare bones look and feel in order to allow us to focus on our primary concerns – development and security of our core game, token and reward smart-contracts. Since launching just over 6 months ago, Etheroll has seen over 250,000 ether wagered on more than 180,000 individual games. In that time we have run two successful reward periods paying out in excess of 2,500 ether to our valued DICE token holders.

As we look forward to 2018 we are determined to build on what we have already accomplished and one of the big ticket items for us (and our players) was a re-design of our UI/UX and branding. Today we are proud to showcase a preview of our new UI/UX moving into 2018.

In re-visiting the look and feel of our platform we have taken on-board the comments and emails we have received from our players. We have a user-centric design philosophy at Etheroll, in that we believe the users experience should feel effortless and seamless. The user should not have to think about how to use our product.

One of the difficult things with dice games, (as opposed to a blackjack game for example) is that one cannot lean on skeuomorphism to lead design decisions. There is no traditional dice game in a casino that we can borrow and translate into a digital format that the user can immediately identify with. As such, we decided to take a good look at our current layout (which seemed to function very well) and focus on the problems areas that were identified to us via the feedback we have received over the past ~6 months.

Problem areas identified in our previous designs:

  1.  Players were unsure after ‘rolling’ that a bet had initiated. There was no visual feedback to the player that a game had been initiated.
  2. Whilst waiting for a game result there was no feedback to the player that they have moved to the next stage of the game.
  3. Users were annoyed they had to click away from the main game screen to see recent results.
  4. The color scheme was too contrasting which some players found to be painful to the eye particularly after a long gaming session.
  5. The site generally lacked a professional modern look/feel that would sit nicely and in-line with cutting edge technology such as Ethereum.
  6. The site lacked a trollbox (to be bolted on in development not currently shown).

Introducing the New and Improved Desktop UI/UX

(Note: Keep in mind these are static images of what will be an animated/shifting kaleidoscope of tessellated colors in the background.)

A tessellated background (which may be too dark/hard to see in these mock ups) animates softly in the background with varying shades of color, depth and size. Total bets and an introduction into Etheroll is visible, alongside the actual game on the homepage.

Play Now
Results are now clearly visible on this page. The user can choose to see ‘All results’ or ‘Your results’ by flicking the tab at the top right of the results columns. We are making a few adjustments in actual build on this page. For example, results will spread across the entire 2 columns. Upon clicking roll the tessellated background becomes slightly more animated to illustrate that a game is now in progress.

Awaiting Result
There is now a clear separation between selecting your number and submitting a bet and awaiting/seeing results. The primary focus of this page is now your target (the number you are trying to roll below) with all the clutter from the ‘Play Now’ removed from the screen. This ensures the player knows exactly what is happening and where they are at in the process of finalizing their game.

The result page is now more succinct in communicating to the user that a result is in. We achieved this by beefing up the size of the result number as well as animating the tessellated background various shades of colors that will correspond to a result. For instance on a player win the tessellated background will show green shades and on a house win red shades are shown to the players.

Secondary Pages
The game is now playable from any page on the site. Upon a player submitting a bet from any secondary page, the left hand side will display game play whilst the user can continue to browse and read right hand side content. Upon receiving a result players will be able to click through to the results page from the left hand side.

Main Navigation
The main navigation has been rolled into the header and displays as a hovered menu item over the main content area. Even though the site will act as a ‘one-pager’ and there will be no actual page reloads, URLs will be bookmarkable and accessible directly via their respective page names. This will result in a ‘snappier’ experience for the user.

Introducing the New and Improved Mobile UI/UX

We believe our updated mobile version is going to be a perfect fit for the player on the move. When we first started re-designing the mobile UI/UX version we essentially took the desktop version and converted it down into a responsive version of the desktop layout as shown below (Mobile Round 1-  deprecated). Just as we were signing off the updated mobile designs, a productive member of our community posted to r/etheroll that they had created an application called Etheroll for Android which allowed Android users to play Etheroll on their mobiles (neat!) and needless to say, it caught our attention.

Inspired by the layout of Etheroll for Android we decided to go back to the drawing board for the mobile version of Etheroll.

You can grab a sneak peak of our new mobile experience here.

Play Now
Two large wheels that the player activates via touch scroll to select an amount to wager and percentage chance to win options. The large roll button at the bottom of the page is large and easy to click for the mobile player. The revised mobile layout removes a lot of the small form components which the player may have found difficult to navigate on a mobile.

If the player would prefer to manually enter numbers they can click the wheels and manually input their game settings via the keyboard.

Awaiting Result
With all the clutter from the ‘Play Now’ removed from the screen the player knows exactly what is happening and where they are at in the process of finalizing their game.

Result number is displayed below the target number and the animating tessellated background changes to various shades of colors that will correspond to the result. On a player win the tessellated background displays green shades and on a house win red shades are displayed to the player.

We expect to have the new desktop version out and into production early 2018 but won’t publish precise dates just yet. The release of the re-design will be a phased approach with the desktop version being the #1 priority as mobile clients which will be able to access Etheroll are not in production yet.

For those players that would prefer the old layout, don’t worry we have you covered – we will continue to host the classic layout on a relevant sub-domain so that you can still play using the classic retro layout – never to be forgotten.

We would love to hear in the comments section what you think of the new designs/layouts so don’t be shy and let us know what you think with a comment below.

Let’s roll!

How To Choose A Gas Price During Times Of High Network Demand

The recent and record spike in transactions across the Ethereum network due to the popularity of Cryptokitties has caused a major backlog of pending transactions (~15k at the time of writing) network-wide which has meant player transactions have been slow to submit and slow to receive a final result.

To reduce waiting times when playing Etheroll you can use the following table from ethgasstation.info to help you choose an appropriate gas price during times of high network demand.

On our side we are looking to increase the gas price for our Oraclize callbacks up to 30 gwei from 20 gwei to alleviate the delays in waiting for a result. Currently ~87% of blocks include a transaction with a 30 gwei gas price. Be patient if you are going to play the game at the moment until we sort these teething issues out that are being caused meow by the huge backlog of txs network-wide due to the recent popularity of Cryptokitties.